Michael Williams

Writer, Storyteller, Film Maker

Thwarted by my parents and teachers from following my dream of becoming a writer, I disappeared underground in a nickel mine only to be told to return to the surface and begin a journey.

That journey took me into the company of itinerant war vets, escaped convicts, vagabonds, poets, and musicians. I've waited on tables, washed windows, worked in retail, drove a busload of teens to Vancouver and returned with most of them, drove another bus to the east coast, and later found myself in Italy living in a monastery, and later still in a flophouse in London with only the clothes on my back. Eventually, I returned to University and immersed myself in the world of literature. Much more comfortable.

Returning to the U.K. with my family, I began a career as an academic and teacher in Scotland where I spent the next 30 years. During that period, I discovered the traditional art of storytelling, eventually giving up teaching to become an itinerant storyteller and story coach.

In 2017, I returned to Canada and joined a local storytellers and writers guild. I served for a year on the Board of the Storytellers of Canada (www.storytellers-conteurs.ca) and two years later, my short story “All Things Shall Pass” won an award and was published by the Hamilton Mountain Writers Guild.

Michael's award-winning short story "All Things Shall Pass" was published in the Hamilton Mountain Writers Guild publication Arising in 2019. It can be purchased on Amazon at https://tinyurl.com/yydbomy8

More writing at https://medium.com/@Doc_the_Storyteller

Also, check out Michael's other websites at michaelwilliamsstoryteller.com and legacycoaching.ca.

Just A Minute Films - Each week during 2019-20 my brother Mark and I upload a 10-minute show to our YouTube channel at justaminutefilms.com. The show was inspired by our journey to Iceland in 2018. Each of us had taken a lot of photos and video and when we got back we wanted to share something of our journey with others. Since both of us are also amateur film fans, we thought we might try our hand making our own short films. With only our smartphones and the free video-editing software on our laptops, we entered into the world of film-making. A couple of older dudes having fun creating short films every week. www.justaminutefilms.com

"Grass, Ice, Water (Findhorn Bay)". Photo by Michael Williams